EOH Managed Recruitment Services (MRS) will provide you with a scalable recruitment administration solution that consists of EOH People, Systems and Processes that enables HR to focus on strategic objectives instead of recruitment administration activities. The solution offers a consistent and predictable hiring process that will increase the quality of personnel, reduce forced terminations due to mismatch of skills, reduce the time spent interviewing the wrong candidates, and ultimately recruitment and resourcing, and increase hiring manager satisfaction. The solution and delivery is crafted in line with the talent acquisition strategy and deliver reporting and analysis to support HR and business in decision making and compliance. The solution aims to successfully identify, select & hire the best employees and reduce the cost of recruitment.

This value chain includes 3 critical elements:


Why Managed Recruitment Services?

  • Increase in Talent Pool, Pipeline and Employee Rentention
  • Move from reactive to proactive resourcing: Sophisticated workforce forecasting and planning, future talent pipeline mapping
  • Access to International and National best practice
  • Enhanced Compliance and Reporting
  • Improved Hiring Process and Candidate Experience
  • Effectiveness and efficiency through a standardised recruitment process
  • Easy access to to value adding services across the entire employee life cycle (e.g. Response handling, screening, interview management, verifications)
  • Flexibility, scalability and variable cost
  • Focus on core competencies
  • Cost reduction

4 Key stages of Recruitment


Our team will manage the entire recruitment process for you, including:

  • Clarify and agree to delivery requirements
  • Origination of requirement from line managers
  • Fully specify, compile and create a record of all requirements
  • Enable & manage the job authorisation process
  • Publish jobs to your intranet, company website and third party job portals
  • Response management
  • Distribute and manage requirements to approved agencies
  • Manage expectations and put communication channels with all candidates and third parties in place
  • Manage the internal process of screening and shortlisting, including all communication and coordination with line managers
  • Arrange technical/personality assessments, interviews, reference checks, credit, criminal, and qualification verification.
  • Negotiate offers to/with candidates and handover to HR for on boarding.
  • Submit efficiencies and costs. Reporting on performance to management
  • Build a working relationship with the various line managers, and be responsible to manage the recruitment lifecycle from end to end. (On Site and Remotely)
  • Full vendor (agency) management.
  • Set up and manage direct sourcing channels to reduce overall cost of resourcing.
  • Proactive Talent Pooling to improve response times, volumes and speed to placement.
  • Handle all recruitment administration.
  • Reports on all recruitment performance metrics
  • Overall reduce recruitment costs & increase in the quality of hired personnel

Recruitment Team


Agency / Candidate

  • Process Applications Online
  • Mandatory Attachments
  • Communication Direct from System
  • Direct Visibly of Status


  • Attachments Fully Searchable
  • Compare Candidates Subjectively
  • Communication Templates & Forms
  • Complete all Tasks in the System


  • Fully Visibility all Info & Processes
  • Participates in Offer Management
  • Can take Responsibility for Tasks
  • Notification & Reports

Line Manager

  • Receives Communication via Email
  • Can action via Email Links
  • Access to all Docs
  • Dashboard & iPad App