Service Element Activity per job Output Find Screen Select
1. Compile a Job Spec and define key attributes Receive / Compile job spec with / from the hiring manager and HR (All Applications): CVs, Scoring Results
2. Build a standard Screening Profile Define a standard Applicant Screening Profile with the Hiring Manager that all applicants will need to complete including a list of required documentation
3. Write a Professional Advertisement Re-write Job spec as a professional advertisement.
4. Publish Advertisement to online platforms Publish Advertisement to: Pnet, Careers24, CareerWeb, Executive Placements
5. Response Handling Screen CV’s according to Screening Profile, Spec and Attributes and decline unsuccessful applicants (15 Applications): Long Listed CV’s, Scoring Results Analysed & Rated, Documentation
6. Long List Secure missing information and documentation from successful applicants and compile a long list of suitable applicants
7. Telephonic Interview Qualify intangible attributes against criteria & qualify suitability according to agreed benchmark (5 Applications): Shortlist of CV’s, Scoring Results Analysed & Rated, Documentation, Interview Comments & availability
8. Sell the job Promote the company and the job to the applicant to increase interest and commitment
9. Shortlist A complete shortlist of interested applicants and related documentation