Maternity Benefits in South Africa are Ripe for Change

The debate about maternity leave in South Africa, and how much paid time off work a new mother should be granted by her employer, has been opened up again after comments from the World Health Organisation (WHO).   The organisation states that mothers should breastfeed exclusively for the first six months of a baby’s life. […]
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The Secret Social Network? Referrals

A colleague asked me the other day, “Tim, why don’t companies invest more effort on their referral programs?” – Now that’s a great question; it does feel like a mystery sometimes! I read an article recently, “There is no community on social media” by Mark Schaefer on Businessgrow.com, (thanks for the social share on Facebook […]
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Credit Checks

We make use of an external professional online checking service for all Personal Credential Verifications requested by clients or individuals. We have a project team that handles all the personal credential verification services who reports to a project team leader. Fourteen team members are registered and qualified to perform the credential verification services listed below, […]
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Criminal Checks

Due to an increase in Identity Fraud, ID Documents are no longer accepted to facilitate criminal checks. The same is true for Identity Numbers, as Identity Theft is also a major concern in South Africa, which can result in criminal records being allocated to the wrong people. Thus, the SAPS have switched to AFISWITCH, an […]
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Qualification Checks

Independent research has shown that up to 73% of candidates have admitted to lying / omitting information on their CV‟s. This is particularly true if a prospective employer requires certain qualifications. This is why we use MIE to provide the following services concerning qualification verification: Unit Description Required Documentation Turn Around Time NationalQualification Verify [...]
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