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South Africa, the only thing that sets us apart from our competition is our reputation. Because every consultancy has access to the same resources, people, media, etc. we simply have to try to do everything better so that we remain the Service Provider of choice – not only to our clients, but also to all consultants in the market.

The system includes an electronic response handling system. This system handling kickstarts our resourcing process when recruiting high volume positions. We will portray the exact opportunity and environment through mediums qualified to attract suitable candidates. (Media selection & ad design).   Candidates will access an electronic screening source specifically designed for your company and opportunities available. Based on a scorecard created, the system will automatically screen and rate the applications and would either generate a new screening source or decline / regret the candidate. This process would repeat until the desired shortlist has been reached. (Screening and short listing).

Human intervention only takes place after the electronic short listing. This ensures that no inequity could have taken place. Interviewing of the short listed candidates would then take place, which will include reference checks and other checks.

The advantages of our response handling process include:

  • It is a resourcing option that is cheaper than traditional resourcing methods
  • Eliminates the administrative burden of having to deal with an avalanche of CVs internally
  • Your e-mails will not be flooded with CVs
  • It means only dealing with one partner for all your resourcing administration requirements
  • You will have professionals writing, upgrading and placing your adverts
  • You will get the benefit of having the advert running for longer periods of time
  • Trained resourcing consultants will do the final screening of the shortlist based on your company’s requirements
  • We will handle the entire “regret” process on your behalf
  • Your company identity will remain anonymous unless otherwise agreed to

We are fully committed to produce detailed and quality results in excellent turn-around times.

EOH will:

  • Capture and screen all applications based on the advert
  • Prepare a pre-shortlist prior to finalisation by Affinity Health
  • Screen candidates for minimum requirements and experience on the final shortlist as approved by Affinity Health
  • Submit report of final shortlists
  • Provide a shortlist schedules per position
  • Candidates who fully comply with the selection criteria
  • Candidates who do not fully comply with the selection criteria

Candidates who do not meet the selection criteria

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